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New tooth

February 21, 2011

Andrew Hicks

Silas poked his first tooth through his lower gum today. He’s currently celebrating by screaming his head off.

Nah, nah, he’s asleep. It’s 11:11 pm, and the entire house is asleep except for me. I’ll be going to bed soon, too. I’ve got myself and the kids getting up at 8 every day now, not at 10:30, which is a lot more “normal” than things were going for a couple months. I will always put the word “normal” in quotes. “Normal.” See? That’s three times now. Three times, and it’s a habit.

Click here to read a funny Facebook exchange between me and fellow Illinois comedians C.J. Dodd and Mike Mayberry, re: tooth theft, homeless vagabonds and delicious soup.

HEADLINE: Mississippi May Honor Early KKK Leader On Commemorative License Plate

If approved, the license plate will be available in the following colors — Ivory, White, Off-White, Pearl, Snow, Ghost, Pale, Extra Pale, Blonde, Depigmentized, Chalky, 2% Milk and Pallid Tope.


Sarah, for some reason, loves to watch me play bowling games on the computer. I don't normally ever play bowling games, but one night I tried one out while she was sitting on my lap, and now it's a thing. Also, Sarah's favorite Disney cartoon to watch on YouTube is a Mickey Mouse short from 1929.