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Spoon-feeding breakthrough

January 5, 2011

Andrew Hicks

Silas and I had a breakthrough spoon-feeding moment. This is what passes for front-page news around the Hicks household right now. I’m excited about it, anyway.

I spent our first few feeding sessions trying to just jam the formula/cereal/baby food swirl into Silas’s mouth, and most of it would get pushed right back out and glop down his chin. Tonight, I realized I should just feed Silas each bite as if it were a spoonful of super-hot soup. Tiny bites, lots of patience and caution, spoon strategically positioned just outside his mouth until the exact right time to slip him the baby food.

The timing element of baby feeding — waiting for Silas to open his mouth and roll his tongue out just right — reminds me of the old Jungle Jive arcade game of chance. The coins hang tantalizingly on the end and, if you drop another coin down at just the right time, you win the coins that get pushed off the ledge.*

The small, well-timed bites got my little guy nice and full and asleep hours earlier than usual. Which was great until he decided 4 a.m. would be his ideal wakeup time for the day. Have you ever had to get up at four in the morning? It’s a strange, dark wasteland. The biggest personality on television is a Headline News anchorwoman who looks like a porno Sarah Palin.

The ending for this blog post has yet to be written.

*If it’s a Montana gas station or cruise ship, the Jungle Jive pays you actual quarters. Back in the day, at Tilt in the mall, you could win game tokens. Nowadays, at Dave and Buster’s or wherever, all you win is tickets. People gamble on it anyway. I know. I’m married to one of those people.


Sarah, tightly cropped.