Top 5 January blog posts

February 1, 2011

Andrew Hicks

In celebration of my completion of 31 blog posts in January*, I’m gonna start off February** on a lazier note and do the blog equivalent of a clip show. These are the five blog posts I wrote in January that I am most proud of. If you just got to this blog and don’t have a whole lot of time to decide if you like me enough to keep reading, give these posts a try to experience what Dad’s Daytime Diary is all about***.

So here they are, with no shortage of personal praise, my…


January 4 — Milk-chunk vomit
This is a pretty unassuming entry, but it has a good balance of backstory, serious family context and silly but effective jokes. It’s also a shining example of the “pee, poop and puke” subgenre of stories every parent can tell on a very basic level.

January 14 — 90-day chips
Quitting drinking was a big deal for me, and something I’m both glad and grateful to have accomplished for — hold on, lemme look at the calendar on my phone here — 108 days now. This post, I feel, struck a decent balance between silly and serious observations on giving up alcohol.

January 20 — Rejector or rejectee?
As the weeks and months unfold in this blog, I’m going to write more about my social history and upbringing. The episode that holds this post together, the time in fourth grade when the teacher singled out each student one by one and had the other kids label him/her as a “rejector or rejectee,” is just one element I enjoy here. My old habit of making a big deal of age differences between me and my friends is especially interesting when viewed with hindsight knowledge that I married a woman six years older than I am.

January 24 — The night I met her
In the near future, I also want to write more stories from the past about me and Tiffany as a couple. This post, describing a few of the moments that occurred on the night I met The One, is as good a starting point as any. It adopts the “minute by minute, everyday” approach that over the years has been one of my most-common writing techniques. Though, obviously, one I haven’t commonly use in this blog. Yet.

January 30 — My quiet neighborhood
I include this one because I believe it’s the funniest single entry I wrote this month. It also doesn’t revolve around me or my kids. It’s more a throwback to my early online diary-writing days, when I was content to make fun of anything and everything around me. I gotta let out my mean streak every now and then, kids or no.

For an index of all posts to this blog (usually always updated a couple days late, though, because I am me, after all), click here.

*Okay, fine, I wrote my blog for the January 31st on February 1st, but I wrote 31 blogs for January. That’s the important part. It took me just over two months to write the first 31 posts. And, okay, I admit a few of my blog posts this month weren’t actual posts but more like glorified tweets (one was like 79 words long, and probably 25 words overlong). Let’s focus strictly on the positives, alright? That’s why I’m relegating this entire rant to the bottom of this post.

**Who was better as the Absent-Minded Professor, Fred MacMurray or Robin Williams? I’m gonna spend the next 28 days deciding. HAPPY FLUBBUARY… No? Not funny? How about: The Debbies, Deborahs and debutantes of America have a fierce battle each year over which group will rule DEBRUARY… What’s that? Also not funny? Actually worst than the first one? Well, how about: The E! network will continue programming as usual but with a CELEBRUARY logo in the bottom right corner.

***One thing it’s about to get is a name change once I come up with something that’s worth holding onto. Calling it “Dad’s Daytime Diary” was a hasty decision I’ve fallen less and less in love with over time. My comedy buddy J. Miz, in the midst of a Facebook Andrew Hicks music nickname marathon that sprung up amongst friends, suggested Drew and the Family Hicks. Which I like better than DDD, but ideally I’d like something short and sweet that doesn’t have a .com domain already snatched up. If you’ve got the perfect name for me, please email me or leave a comment. The less work I have to do naming it, the better.


Great pic my mom took of Sarah in a tree in her yard.

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  1. First name to come to mind is, “What the Hick?”

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