Grape thanks

January 21, 2011

EDITOR’S NOTE: The editor realizes that the sheer amount of editor’s notes is probably starting to annoy. Every time you see one of these notes, it means Andrew didn’t write and post this day’s blog by his midnight cutoff. This time he’s finally sitting down to write his Friday post at 8:37 pm on Saturday.

Silas is baby-babbling away on his mommy’s shoulder, and Sarah’s playing in one of the bedrooms. On CNN, Howard Stern is guest for the entire hour on Piers Morgan’s new interview show that took Larry King’s old cobweb-smattered timeslot. It’s the most interesting TV Andrew has seen in quite some time, which will probably mean he won’t actually start writing his Friday post until 9 pm.

Tonight is a sparkling example of quiet, loving family time; two generations chilling out. An hour ago, Andrew experienced simple, profound happiness while sitting in a glider care with Sarah on his lap, the two of them sharing a bowl of grapes. Sarah said, “Thank you!” with innocent enthusiasm every time her dad gave her a grape. Later, there will be the strain of diaper changing and formula feeding and cleaning up, cleaning up, cleaning up. Right now, there is peace and enjoyment and Howard Stern being intelligent and entertaining.

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