Got ’til midnight

January 2, 2011

Andrew Hicks

The Post-Dispatch article on me ran in the Sunday paper today on the front page of the Community section. Well, I think you have to jump to Page 2 before you get to me, but they did run a super-tightly cropped headshot of me and a couple funny old diary quotes from me that I’d forgotten about. It’s great when Ghost of Andrew Past makes Ghost of Andrew Present crack up.

I don’t know if says more about article placement or the declining influence of print journalism or the hugeness of the Internet, but when the 1996 contest article ran, my website got more than a thousand visitors that day. The 2011 follow-up piece has driven exactly nine readers to check out my blog so far. There’s a doctored picture of Justin Bieber’s head on top of a kneeling girl in a pink bikini that gets more views than that every 30 seconds. I should know, I look at that thing twice a minute.

Maybe my pageviews will spike before midnight. Thanks to comedy buddy Chris Trader, I changed the time zone settings on my blog to Chicago from Wrexham, Wales. The time stamp on my posts will be from when I actually posted them, not six hours later. I have until midnight to write and post every day. I have until Jimmy Fallon‘s first guest comes out. So I will post every day. I might just not have a lot to say every day.

(Insert 3 more entertaining short paragraphs here. The paragraphs that really make the piece come full circle and leave the reader satisfied. You have until midnight.)

Oh, what does everyone think about the bold words here and there approach? This is my second time trying it in writing. I’m pretty sure I like it. For Internet writing, anyway. I don’t think I’d try it in print.


Baby's first Christmas: Tiffany holds Silas.


9 Responses to “Got ’til midnight”

  1. Woo Says:

    What is the idea behind the bold words, journalisticly I mean?

  2. dadsdaytime Says:

    The theory is, it gets back the attention of people who skim longer articles if the bold is something they’re interested in. I used it on WNF on the Year in Review post because different celebrities and topics were scattered throughout longer paragraphs.

    Here it’s more like, “Oh, I lost you with the joke about the dirty diaper? Well, maybe now that you’re skim-reading, one of these bold phrases will jolt you back into reading regular sentences.”

  3. dadsdaytime Says:

    I was going to crack a joke about how journalistically was misspelled, but WordPress doesn’t seem to think my “journalistically” is a word either. So never mind.

  4. Woo Says:

    Yeah. I fought with WordPress for a while over the spelling. No matter what I did it didn’t recognize it. So in the end I just gave up and left whatever I had their last. I initially spelled it the same as you did there.

    Oddly enough, they do bother to CamelCase “WordPress” in their spell-checker.

    The Bold idea seems kind of cool. I experimented with it some on Jen’s post that’s for tomorrow.

  5. Woo Says:

    Also, what would you call this bolding idea? I tried to Woogle, but my query was too queer.

  6. dadsdaytime Says:

    My first instinct would be to call the idea queer too. “Strategic emphasis,” maybe?

  7. Woo Says:

    I think you made it all up. I like it though!

    • dadsdaytime Says:

      Hey Woo, Writers Make things Up. If it’s Not Billed as Fiction, You Still have to Choose Which Words to Use and Which Angle to Take In Describing true Events, so It’s Almost like Making It Up even When you’Re Writing About The Truth. The Truth, by the Way, is Defined Differently To every person. Later, Andrew.

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